Are you interested in earning a PhD in finance but don’t know where to start? Our site offers the information necessary to find the right program for doctoral study in the field of finance, accounting, or corporate finance. Requirements for enrolling in and obtaining a PhD can vary greatly from school to school or country to country, but you are typically required to possess at least a bachelor’s degree and conduct original research towards a dissertation. However, several accredited schools now offer online programs, making the task less cumbersome — especially for working professionals. Check out the schools below for a degree that fits your goals.

Walden University PhD - Mgmt: Finance DBA - Finance MBA - Corporate Finance Walden University – Walden University, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, is one of the most popular schools for students seeking online graduate degrees. The school has a PhD and DBA in Finance available as well as an MBA in Corporate Finance if that better suits your career goals. Length of study can vary from two to three years.
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Northcentral University PhD - Business Admin: Financial Mgmt DBA - Financial Mgmt MBA - Financial Mgmt Northcentral University – Northcentral University is an Arizona-based school with accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. NCU is ideal for students seeking an online education from a smaller school with more personal attention from professors. NCU has online degrees for a PhD, DBA, and MBA in Financial Management.
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PhD in Finance – For the Serious Number Crunchers

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A Ph.D. in Finance is the highest academic degree available in this field. And with it comes the potential for lucrative career options and long-term professional vitality. Finance is an important field that is applicable in many industries, making this degree incredibly versatile. So if you’re serious about finance and are passionate about number crunching and balance sheet analysis, earning your Ph.D. in Finance is worth the time, money, and effort.

Many schools offer doctoral-level degrees in finance, from online, to hybrid, to traditional on-campus programs. With such variety, you’re sure to find a program that fits your schedule and your lifestyle. Once enrolled, you’ll be immersed in everything you love about finance including asset management, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, budgeting, and much much more.

The Application and Admissions Process

Applying to a Ph.D. program is a pretty big deal. Doctoral degrees take anywhere from four to eight years to complete and require extensive coursework and examination, not to mention dissertation writing. That said, the application process takes time, as colleges and universities look for candidates with expertise in their field and high academic marks.

If you’re serious about applying, it’s time to get all your ducks in row. This includes more than just an application. Below is a list of materials you’ll likely need to submit for consideration:

  1. Completed online or paper application forms
  2. Application fee
  3. Official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities attended
  4. Letters of recommendation from professors who know the applicant and his/her work
  5. Scholarly writing sample
  6. Official Graduate Record Examination scores
  7. Interview with admissions board (varies by school)

Each school has its own admissions process. One school might request an interview while another might request a portfolio of writing samples. It all depends on the program and the department.

Online PhD in Finance Programs – The Many Benefits

If you’re working full-time or have other obligations that prevent you from attending a traditional college or university, an online program might be an option worth considering. Why? Distance learning provides students the opportunity to earn their first degree or an advanced degree while maintaining their current schedule. Earning a degree is not cheap, no matter what level of education you pursue. And if you need to stay employed while attending classes, choosing an online school allows you to create a schedule that works best for your professional and family obligations.

An online Ph.D. in Finance program is very similar to that of a traditional, on-campus program. The only difference is that you can complete your coursework in the privacy of your home or office, whenever is convenient for you. You’ll take courses that cover a rigorous curriculum from professors with extensive knowledge and experience in the finance industry.

Course topics may include:

  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • International Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Econometrics

Online programs also require students to complete a dissertation, a lengthy and formal thesis that often takes years to complete. You’ll also be required to complete elective courses that cover a variety of topics and subjects.

Careers in Finance

With a Ph.D. in Finance, you qualify for a number of high-level jobs, both in the corporate world and academia. Some Ph.D. graduates choose to teach at the college level while others pursue careers as a financial manager or financial analyst.

A financial manager is responsible for helping businesses make smart financial decisions, in addition to:

  • Prepare financial statements, business activity reports, and forecasts
  • Monitor financial details to ensure that legal requirements are met
  • Supervise employees who do financial reporting and budgeting
  • Review company financial reports and seek ways to reduce costs
  • Analyze market trends to find opportunities for expansion or for acquiring other companies
  • Help management make financial decisions

A financial analyst is responsible for helping businesses make smart investments decisions, in addition to:

  • Recommend individual investments and collections of investments, which are known as portfolios
  • Evaluate current and historical data
  • Study economic and business trends
  • Study a company’s financial statements and analyze commodity prices, sales, costs, expenses, and tax rates to determine a company’s value by projecting the company’s future earnings
  • Meet with company officials to gain better insight into the company’s prospects and management
  • Prepare written reports
  • Meet with investors to explain recommendations

Think of the knowledge and skills you’ll have once you’ve earned a Ph.D. in your field. You’ll be at the top of your game and ahead of the competition. Finance is a field with upward mobility so if you think you want to earn a Ph.D., the time is now. Businesses need highly-trained, knowledgeable professionals to manage their finances. And with impressive salaries and room for growth, your degree will serve you well into your future.

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