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People with finance degrees are hired to become financial analysts, finance managers, personal finance advisors, brokers, or in other careers that involve helping other people manage their money and actively gain more wealth. Usually, these careers can be fairly lucrative themselves. The average salary for a personal finance advisor, for example, starts at $65,000 annually and is growing faster than other job sectors.

This kind of advising involves asking people to trust you with their finances, tax decisions, and investments and requires training and a solid grasp of the financial market, concepts of finance, and an ever fluctuating economy, both domestically and abroad. This is accomplished through a degree earned at a reputable institution. People who take the study of finance seriously can gain an education that serves them throughout their entire career – both through the understanding of core financial principles and establishing relationships with professors and colleagues who are interested and invested in the world of finance. An individual with a finance degree, then, has a world of opportunity opened up to them.

Before even pursuing a degree in finance, though, you might want to make sure you’re the type of person who can devote themselves to a career in finance fulltime. Some questions to ask yourself before signing up for a long-term commitment to a finance degree are:

  • Are you comfortable with or good at math and working with numbers?
  • Do you enjoy working with people and have skills to work with people and their personal monetary financial situations?
  • How are your analytical skills – including your ability to see trends over time?
  • Do you have the ability to keep track of deadlines and work under pressure – from the economy, professors, and potential clients?
  • Can you make quick decisions with the information at hand?

If you see yourself as someone who is even-keeled, personable, and able to digest complex and important information, then it’s probably time to move in the direction of earning your degree in finance.

So what can you expect from getting a bachelor’s degree in finance?

Because of the changing economy, as well as other nations continuing to become major players in the global economic picture, more and more people are choosing to get a financial education, as it seems valuable in an uncertain and shifting economic landscape. Not only are many traditional brick and mortar universities adding or expanding their finance and math departments, online universities are expanding their business degree options to include finance programs. Wherever you choose to earn your degree, the programs will contain the same up to date material and have the same expectations from students.

If you choose to earn your degree online, it’s important to remember that you must fully apply yourself to all theories and teachings, regardless of delivery or format. An online education is just as valuable as a traditional degree, but it does require some different strategy of time, studying, and application.

Generally, there will be classes that focus mainly on expanding math skills and principles of banking and stocks. There will also, however, be classes that work with logic, analysis, insurance, and coding, depending on what college you attend as well as finance track you choose to pursue.

Some classes you might encounter in a finance program are:

  • International Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Options and Future
  • Foundational Finance
  • Accounting
  • Money and Banking

At least two years of a bachelor’s degree in finance will be devoted to finance-specific classes, training, and projects, but there will also be classes in communication, sciences, history, and other classes that help to give perspective to social and global issues.

Once the degree is complete, students have a strong foundation from which to begin their financial career – whether it be in consulting, analysis, planning, or another opportunity.

Online Graduate Programs in Finance

Walden University PhD - Mgmt: Finance DBA - Finance MBA - Corporate Finance Walden University – Walden University, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, is one of the most popular schools for students seeking online graduate degrees. The school has a PhD and DBA in Finance available as well as an MBA in Corporate Finance if that better suits your career goals. Length of study can vary from two to three years.
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Northcentral University PhD - Business Admin: Financial Mgmt DBA - Financial Mgmt MBA - Financial Mgmt Northcentral University – Northcentral University is an Arizona-based school with accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. NCU is ideal for students seeking an online education from a smaller school with more personal attention from professors. NCU has online degrees for a PhD, DBA, and MBA in Financial Management.
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