Where Do Finance Professionals Work?

Jobs in Finance

Deciding on a career in finance can be an exciting experience. While many pay well and keep you busy, there are many different jobs within the finance field, though, each catering to a certain personality or skill set.

Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors work closely with individuals and families in helping them make financial decisions about things like retirement, education expenses, and other investments. Some planners specialize in certain services, but they are all knowledgeable in all areas of finance. Many are usually also qualified to sell insurance or offer tax advice. Successful advising involves listening closing to the client’s financial goals, as well as reviewing their current financial standing. To continue profitable investments and other money management, advisors maintain a long term relationships with their clients. The average salary for this kind of position is about $65,000 dollars a year.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are third party personnel who work as consultants in office settings, such as banks, investment firms, and insurance companies, working to help project the a business’s financial future. This kind of work requires extensive research about the organization, such as current investments, debts, sales, and other historical information. In studying the company’s financial statements, financial analysts are able to give insight into the company’s future and help reduce losses. Financial analysts have many different areas of specialty and work, not only in different places, but also in different positions. Ratings analysts evaluate the ability of companies to pay debts, while risk analysts determine how to manage losses. Working in this field can earn somewhere upwards of $75,000 dollars a year.

Financial Examiners

Most financial examiners work in the finance and insurance industry, ensuring that businesses are compliant with laws and standards set by the government. They, for instance, are responsible for making certain that banks are treating borrowers fairly, as well as monitoring the financial condition of banks. If any questionable or concerning financial issues come up, the financial examiner is the one who cam make a recommendation or find a solution. Senior examiners with years of experience in the industry are also responsible for the on the job training of new examiners. This kind of position requires a high attention to detail, as well an ability to handle many different regulation factors and responsibilities. The average salary is about $75,000 dollars. Additionally, this career path is growing faster than many other jobs and new regulations that are created and set each year means that there will likely be a need for more examiners in the near future.

Financial Manager

Financial managers work within an organization and are responsible for sustaining the long term financial health and wealth of that business. This position requires careful planning and strategy and is usually taken by someone who once served as an accountant, auditor, or financial analyst. Financial managers work with entire management teams within an organization to make financial decisions, including monitoring credit, debt, investments, and expenses; because work for the business, they are key members of a management team. They also monitor all decisions about finances to make sure that all legal requirements and any other regulations. Depending on the business and the financial position of the company, a financial manager can make over $100,000 dollars a year.

Careers in the financial sector can be challenging, but also stimulating and ever changing. Deciding to go for one of these or another potential career can lead to a lasting, interesting profession.

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